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What are the Benefits of Printable Excuse Notes?.

Printable doctors notes, especially those that are customizable, provide us with a wide array of benefits. The most obvious aspect of that value is time saved. In order to get an official doctor's note, you have to schedule the appointment, drive there, wait in the doctor’s office and then convince the doctor to provide the note. This a time-intensive process even when everything unfolds smoothly, and as most of us are quite aware, that is rarely the case.

An individualizable doctor's excuse template also provides us great benefit in terms of money saved. Concerning the scenario above, you have to factor in the price of fuel, lost revenue and the cost of the medical visit itself.

Even with insurance, a medical visit just to get a note can cost as much as a day’s wage for the average person. If the note is for a paid sick day, then you might as well wait and collect on that sick pay at the end of the year.

Another helpful aspect of a fake doctors excuse is that you get to avoid penalties, penalties that may be far too harsh and otherwise unavoidable. For instance, consider that many public schools have started to penalize tardy and absent students harshly. It’s common for schools to punish students by forcing them to make those days up during summer school. So in this situation, the doctors note lets the student enjoy the summer and avoid the classroom. Students shouldn't shy away from their work though, they should make sure they make up all missed work.

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An overlooked segment of our population is the smoker. Few defend smoking, but we should all respect a person’s choice to do so. We should also understand that for many this is a habit not easily broken. But now, due to increased focus on banning it, employers have started to deny their workers smoke breaks. For some, that means eight hours or more without a cigarette. So a doctor excuse can give them the break time they need to make it through the day.

Today, employers, insurance companies and other organizations have strict standards. They want us to take part in a host of examinations and tests, and some people rightfully feel that some of these activities violate our personal rights. But what is a person to do? If you refuse, then you might not get the insurance or the job, or you might lose your current employer. So a fake note is a way to avoid the personal violations while avoiding punishment.

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