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We all know the frustration of needing a doctors excuse to present to our employers for a missed day. It was a legitimate illness, but we weren't sick enough to justify a costly trip to our family doctor. We now have access to printable doctors excuses that will satisfy the personnel department with our employers while allowing us to keep that hundred dollars (or more) in our pockets that would otherwise have gone to our physician for a doctor's excuse.

If this seems a bit dishonest, consider the options many are faced with: taking a sick day, only to be confronted with a demand for a doctors excuse upon our return to work or face the consequences. Even if there are no immediate consequences, employers factor in these considerations when they're facing lay-offs and reorganizations. Clearly, the odds are sometimes stacked against us and printable doctor excuses are a way to level the playing field.

Printable doctors excuses have emerged as not a way to do anything underhanded, but rather, they remove the "either/or" equation. Not only that, but many who miss work due to illness or other personal business aren't entitled to sick pay. It's a vicious cycle and printable doctor excuses are a way to break that cycle. The fact is, there are times when we simply must take a day off of work. Sometimes those days don't include being sick. Meetings with our children's schools, flooded basements, car trouble and other reasons are all common with people who use printable doctors excuses.

Did you know that United States lags far behind most other modern nations when it comes to the work life balance of workers?
According to an Expedia Survey:
• Employed adults in the United States on average receive about 14 vacation days per year
• Employed adults in Great Britain on average receive about 24 vacation days per year.
• Employed adults in France on average receive about 36 vacation days per year down slightly from 39 days in 2006.
• Employed adults in Germany on average receive about 26 vacation days per year
• Employed adults in Spain on average receive about 30 vacation days per year

With the rising cost of health insurance, prescriptions and co-pays, it's difficult reconcile in our minds a trip to the doctor for something like a head cold; still, many employers have instituted strict guidelines for employees who miss work due to illness. Printable doctor excuses are the solution. By keeping us in the good graces of our employers, we're able to not only take care of ourselves doing the same things our doctor would have advised us to do anyway, but this is also a way to take care of a sick spouse or our children.

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If you're looking for a doctors excuse, you are not alone. Thousands of people search daily for printable doctors excuses. That's why we've created this site to act as your comprehensive guide to taking a day off.

For more information on doctors excuses, printable doctors excuses, sample doctor notes, fake doctor notes, printable doctor excuses, and on finding a doctors excuse check out the Doctor's Excuse Links page on our website. You are sure to find answers to all your doctors excuse questions.

Below you can find links to articles outlining the most popular doctors note websites, outcomes you could experience while using excuses, tips for users, and exactly what notes are and what you need to know before you act. If you have a question or concern we don't have an answer to please feel free to contact us and we will whip up an article addressing your issue. Chances are we've already explored your question in depth and have advice in one of our posts. The sad truth is that until American workers are given the time off they need and deserve they'll continue to employ alternative tactics to get the rest they deserve.

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