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The Advantages of Fake Sick Notes

Customizable printable doctors notes provide a wide range of benefits. The top benefit is time. Getting real doctor's notes means making an appointment, driving there, the waiting room, the visit itself, the wait for the note and then the drive all the way back. This is a long involved process even when everything goes perfectly smooth. How often does that happen?

A fake doctor's note template also provides a number of financial benefits. Consider the example above. Your time itself is worth money. There’s also the matter of fuel costs, possibly lost time from work, and the cost of the visit. Healthcare is expensive even when you have the appropriate insurance. For the average person, they might actually be better off forfeiting the sick day than paying for the visit.

Doctor's notes also help avoid penalties that are harsh and unfair. Many public schools require excuse notes because it ties into the financial aid system. Without a note, the school can punish the student harshly. It may involve detention and make-up classes, and if the situation is severe enough, it could involve summer school. So a fake doctors notes lets a student have a cost-free sick day in peace.

Some people even use a fake doctors note template to bypass a screening process. For example, a local indoor rock climbing facility requires people to be members before they climb. In addition to a fee, membership requires a medical screening. The cost of the screening is on the customer. Therefore, many of the customers use a fake doctor's note, which lets both parties off the hook.

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Another person that can use a dr. note is a smoker. Laws have tightened up regarding smoking, and many employees have used that to their advantage to cut down on smoke breaks. You’re simply not allowed to have them anymore. But with an appropriate official excuse, the smoker can get enough time outside away from the workplace to enjoy that much-needed cigarette.

In our modern world, workplaces, schools and other organizations have strict policies. They demand that we participate in these policies even when they might not have the right to make that demand. What are the options? You can fight it, but that takes more time and money. Sometimes passive resistance is the best option, and that’s the real advantage of these notes.

With all these advantages it's no wonder use of these products has soared. If you're thinking about it, you're just one of many.

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