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Every Website Under the Sun for Dr. Notes

1. Best Fake Doctors Notes - USA

A partner of the doctorsnotestore.com, this website is dedicated to offering the best faked doctors notes, and that’s a lot more than just hyperbole. This site is for US users only, and it only has a small selection of documents, but the docs it does offer are of the best quality available. These forms are actual note templates that you can fine-tune to your situation and details. One low price gets you everything on the site, and they have a money-back guarantee.

2. Doctor's Note Store - UK

Doctors Note Store is the ultimate online destination for facsimile notes from doctors as well as dentists notes, jury duty notes, funeral notes and so forth. When they first started, their focus was on the UK, Australia and New Zealand, but with their popularity, their scope has broadened to include the US and Canada, and it continues to expand. The store has low prices, an excellent selection and even sophisticated tools for you to use.

3. DocStoc - USA

Since the two sites listed above are the end-all and be-all of Internet shops that sell notes, we’re going to branch off into the DIY websites. Docstoc is a free, community-built service. How it works is that the members scan documents and then upload them to Docstoc. At that point, any other member has access to them. They have a great selection of doctor excuse templates from around the country, but you will have to spend some time searching the collection.

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4. FreeDocs - USA

The Free-Documents website is similar to Docstoc except that it’s not community driven. The benefit to this is that the editors choose each form that they add to the collection, so there’s a lot less noise. Another benefit is that the site has its own doctors excuse category, and the editors are apparently committed to expanding that section. You can edit their forms in Acrobat, which is free, and the only “catch” is registration, which is also free.

5. Make Your Own

Not everyone wants an item that's already out there. Many people have that creative gene and prefer to take the time and energy to create their own note from scratch as opposed to downloading a preexisting excuse that can be tweaked and customized.

Time Off

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User Tips

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Notes Explained

What the heck am I paying for? What am I really downloading? Is it worth it?

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Before Acting

What do I need to know before I actually make the decision to use a dr. excuse?

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