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What on Earth Would Motivate People to Make Doctor's Notes?

A printable doctor’s note is a template that you can download, customize and then print locally. If you’ve never encountered this type of customizable doctor’s excuse before, you may be asking yourself what purpose they serve. What motives do people have when using them?

The most common motive is an obligation to see a doctor, particularly when we deem that obligation unfair. A fake doctor’s note is a way around that obligation. This kind of obligation can come in an array of forms.

Perhaps the most common is school demanding a doctor excuse in order to excuse our child’s absence. Schools are becoming quite strict about this. If we comply, it costs us an arm and a leg. If we don’t comply, then the child often has an additional day tacked on to the end of the school year.

The second most common motive involves the workplace. In non-salary jobs, many employers demand a doctor’s excuse in order to award a paid sick day. The problem here is that the cost of the real dr. note might completely offset the pay received via the sick day. Therefore, rather than lose an entire day’s pay, many employees will use the free downloadable doctor’s note to circumvent the requirement.

If your boss or dean is a jerk you may find yourself being asked to produce an excuse note to justify a minor ailment.

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Note that downloadable doctors’ note have many different uses. Avoiding responsibility is one of the primary uses, but it’s not the only one. In fact, many people use them for practical jokes. They’re particularly effective in the workplace on April Fools’ Day. Beyond pranks, you can also use gag and vanity notes as props in homemade movies, student films and so forth.

Keep in mind that the use of such fake doctor notes can have legal consequences and even practical ramifications. No matter how benign your motive is, make sure that you recognize the possible outcomes. The best advice you can have is to be prepared for the very worst possible outcome. Never overlook an outcome just because it seems unlikely. If your motives are true and you can live with the worst possible outcome, then your use of a printable doctor’s excuse will surely be a rousing success.

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