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Printable Doctor Notes are Used by People in Sticky Situations

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to miss work or school just for a day, maybe to play hooky, go to the mall to relieve stress? Or perhaps you need to attend to an important family matter which may not be easy to explain to your boss or your teacher?

People go through these experiences almost every day, so it does not come as a surprise if there are those who wish that they have a fake doctors note that they can present to their boss or their teachers, to avoid the difficulty of having to explain their actions.

Fake doctors notes can get you out of a sticky situation. For instance, you promised to do a client call which your boss has asked you to do, but since this client is really a difficult one, you wish you can just phone in sick, so the boss can assign someone else to deal with this client. Perhaps you have a school project that is already due, but even after many hours of spending time on it, you still were not able to finish the project. These are legitimate excuses for you to want to use a fake doctors note to get out of the situation. Calling in sick may be the only way out of these situations, but you would have to be able to show a doctor's note to prove that you were sick.

This is where it gets tricky. You can actually download free doctor's notes on the Internet, but do not be surprised if your boss or your teacher throws the note back at you, after finding out that the doctor's address and phone numbers do not exist! If you are willing to spend a little bit more, you can actually buy a fake doctor's note, one which has a verifiable address and phone number. But before you go online to look for a fake doctor's note, be aware of the legal issues on the state where you live regarding the use of fake doctor’s notes.

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These days, even people who are really sick would prefer fake doctors notes over real ones, because they may not have an insurance policy that will pay for their medical consultations. Although this is not really an acceptable excuse, it reflects how desperate people can get, if they can not afford a doctor who would give out authentic doctor's notes.

The fact that these downloadable fake doctors notes are getting popular tells us that people are simply too busy that they have to make excuses even to get one day of rest or one day when they can take care of personal matters, away from the office or the school.

A fake doctors note serve a purpose for those who just want to get out of a difficult situation, but these should be used wisely and discriminately. No matter what kind of sticky situation you find yourself in make sure you evaluate your circumstances before acting. Brash actions can have repercussions. The last thing you want is to make your situation worse.


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