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Do You Really Get What You Pay For?

Fake doctor’s notes are replicas of actual notes from medical personnel. They’re available free and for a fee. Some are very basic with just some blank areas. Others are sophisticated and flexible, allowing you to personalize the note down to its finest details. Free notes are a great option for hosting a prank or for use as a prop in a stage play or film. You can even frame them and use them as a conversation piece.

Fake doctor’s excuses also have uses that are more serious. Budget-conscious employers will often require an official excuse before allowing a paid sick day. So the fake note allows the worker to avoid the cost of the medical visit. Sure, it may be dishonest, but it’s also practical. After all, what’s the use of a paid sick day if you have to pay half of it more just to claim it? It’s just not fair.

People often use doctor note templates for school. This isn’t simply a matter of kids trying to pull a fast one. Parents are actually using them too because of how hard schools are cracking down on attendance. Some kids only get three days and each additional unexcused day tacks a day onto the end of the year. The dr. note lets the parent avoid that additional day without the cost of a doctor’s visit.

Some people will take a hard stance on blank doctor’s notes and consider them dishonest regardless. But it really is a matter of perspective. Most people who use these notes don’t do so because they’re dishonest, cheap or lazy. They do it because they can’t afford any of the alternatives. Is stealing a car for a joy ride the same as stealing food so your child doesn’t go hungry? We’ll let you be the judge.

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Whether it’s justified or not, there can be very real consequences associated with using fake doctor excuses. For example, using one to acquire insurance or for an insurance claim could result in stiff financial penalties or even a criminal sentence. We want to imagine ourselves Robin Hood-like, but at some point it becomes much more about cheating and stealing. These notes should not be used to cross those boundaries.

One huge advantage of going with a paid dr excuse as opposed to a free doctor's excuse is that if you aren't satisfied you can get a free refund. You can spend hours trying to make your own and if you've not pleased with the result you've lost a significant amount of time. With a paid site you're guaranteed to be satisfied.

Typically paid sites offer products created by professionals who have industry experience. This may give you a leg up if you want your note to be believable.


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