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Quality Doctor's Notes vs. Knock Offs

An official doctor’s excuse is a note that your doctor will give you as affirmation. Typically, you’ll use this affirmation in order to get permission from an organization, such as an employer, a school or perhaps even an insurance company. The issue with such excuses is that they’re only convenient when given as the result of an otherwise necessary doctor’s visit. A medical visit for the sole purpose of a doctor's note is far too expensive.

Consider a scenario where a person earns $60 for an eight-hour workday, and let’s imagine that the person needed a day off to contend with a brief bout of flu. The worker has a sick day available, but in order to relinquish it, the employer demands a doctors note. Technically, the law doesn’t allow them to do that, but if you refuse, they may find a reason to terminate. Unfortunately, a visit to get the note may cost you as much as $40.

There is an obvious disconnect here between practicality and a practice meant to protect the organization. And this is where a printable doctors excuse can play an important role. These notes look exactly like the real thing. All you have to do is personalize it, and then print it out. This allows you to get that sick day that you deserve, and it allows your boss to meet his or her requirements. That’s usually a better strategy than challenging the system.

When it comes to using a doctor excuse, many people are understandably and rightfully concerned about the legality of the practice. We do not mean this as legal advice, and we do not suggest that you break the law. It's important to note that sometimes the employer or the school is not within their legal right to ask for the document, then there is no real wrong being committed, as you may not have to produce the document. When you use a replica note in place of an actual note make sure it looks authentic.

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It’s also important to consider that doctors notes serve many purposes that are not quite so serious. A replica note can serve as a prop for an office gag or a prank you play on your friends, and you can use it as part of a joke gift for a birthday party. They’re also authentic enough for use as props in films and plays, and they’re a fun way for teacher’s to hand out bathroom passes or an employer to hand out sick days.

Does the note have a signature? If it doesn't that's a sure sign of a bad doctor's note and a mark of illegitimacy. Does the note have the doctor's address and contact information? Real doctor's notes do. Does the excuse have detailed information about what the patient can and cannot do? A good doctor's note will and a bad one won't. Many doctors write notes on prescription pads or on official letter head. Check for this detail on your gag note.

The best way to decide if a doctor's note is rubbish and a fake is to look at it yourself. Do you think it looks real or would you be suspicious? There are numerous sample doctor's note and fake doctor's excuse templates available on the web. Take a look for yourself and you decide. Authentic looking or cheap and unoriginal? This judgement will help you to know how to proceed further.

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