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What's the history of fake doctor's excuse notes?

For some people in certain situations, the printable doctor’s excuse is the only solution. Without it, it might cost them a day’s wage or cost their child an additional day of school. Choosing to use a fake dr. note is not a simple matter. You have to find the right note for you and then edit it appropriately.

Doctors’ notes are not a modern solution. They’ve been in use for hundreds of years at least, and they likely date, in some form or another, as far back as there has been organized medicine.

Since the beginning of written times, society has demanded written proof. Just as we cannot specify when the first doctor note was used, we cannot specify when the first replica doctor excused was used either. What we can safely assume is this: As long as people have demanded proof, others have looked to forge it.

The main difference between those olden days and our modern times is that our world is much, much more complex. There have been horrible moments in human history recently, and these moments have changed us. They have made us shrewder and more demanding. We understand that this is necessary for the greater good, but there are times where it simply seems to crush our freedom.

A common example of that freedom crushing is employers, schools and other organizations demanding doctor notes for every little thing with ever-increasing frequency. It’s for this reason that so many people are using printable doctor excuse templates. The first such templates may date back as far as the 1970s or 1980s, but they really started to take shape in the 1990s alongside the World Wide Web.

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Those old notes, however, were barely passable, and a skilled forger could do a much better job creating the note by hand. The Internet and our technology evolved, however. Soon, we had elaborate printing packages, tools like Photoshop, and entire websites dedicated to the subject. But the biggest advancement came when laser printers became small enough and cheap enough for home use.

Today, most of us have a computer in our living area that is more powerful than the mainframe used by the U.S. government during the Vietnam War. We also have printers that are smaller, faster and more productive than the professional printing tools available during that time as well. With that power comes many options for fake doctor notes and other types of excuse notes, which is why replica notes are experiencing a renaissance of sorts.

Make sure you get your doctor's note from a current site so it's current. You'd hate to get a note from a site that was created using an outdated dr. address or letterhead.

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