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People Are Downloading Doctor's Notes at Record Numbers

Doctors excuses also have much more serious uses. Many employers require an official excuse for paid sick days. So a doctors notes for work lets the worker claim the paid sick day without having to pay for the medical visit.

It’s certainly a dishonest action, but what’s the alternative? For many people, the cost of a doctor visit is a day’s pay, so the visit simply offsets the benefit from the paid sick day.

Another common use for doctors notes templates is at school, and it might surprise you that it’s the parents who are using them. Due to tighter financial aid regulations, kids are only getting as little as three days off and the schools are monitoring them closely. Penalties include detention, weekend work, summer school and, in the worst case, being left back. DR notes help avoid those problems.

One of the most important questions is why are people downloading fake doctor's notes at record rates? We have done the research and have the answers.

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Purchased and free doctors notes are replicas of actual notes that medical professionals use to provide people excuses. At the simplest, a free doctor note is a great setup for a prank or April Fools’ Day. It might also be used as a prop in a homemade movie, a student film or even a school play. Some people even frame them to hang in a bar or man-cave as a curiosity or conversation starter.

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