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The Pros and Cons

A fake note for work or school can be a cost-effective way to meet an unfair obligation. But it’s certainly not a decision that you want to rush into. When you fake a doctor's note, there can be a series of ramifications, many worse than the initial responsibility. Let’s examine these pros and cons.


The big benefit of a fake doctors note is that you or your child gets out of work or school without shelling out for a doctor visit. This isn’t simply a matter of being dishonest, lazy or cheap. For many people, a doctor visit is equal to a day’s wage, and many employers require a doctor's note to sign off on a paid sick day. You can see the conundrum here. If you do the “right” thing, you lose a day’s pay.

In the case of schools, they’ve cracked down on absences, tardiness and early departures because the federal government uses those statistics, along with other factors, to determine financial aid. Most schools allow for three total days before they begin penalizing the child. Anyone with a kid knows that three days isn’t enough. Fake dr notes are an affective and cheap way around the problem.

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The story is not so simple at college or university. They have their own rules for attendance and enrollment, and despite the stereotypes, many professors are quite strict about it. A professor doesn’t have to allow a student much leeway before being in his or her right to fail the student. The professor can’t fail the student, however, if the student has doctors notes for work or school excusing them. Our guess is that you have your own list of pros and cons. Hopefully, our short list helped you to fully explore this initiative.

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