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Have Printable Doctors Notes Evolved Over the Years?

Using a replica doctor’s note is a tradition that likely dates back as long as children have been trying to avoid the wrath of their schoolteachers. It is impossible to determine when the first fake doctor’s note was used, but it’s not impossible to imagine some kid in the olden days using one he scratched out himself. Problems like that kid’s problems still exist today, just in a much more complex form.

One could make the argument that we need replica doctors’ excuses now more than ever. What’s more interesting is that it’s not just kids using them. Parents are using them on behalf of their kids and adults are using them on behalf of themselves. Our world is one of increased regulation, and everywhere we turn, it seems like someone wants proof and greater control. Doctors’ notes are a great example of this.

The doctors’ excuses as we know them today can probably be traced back to the 80s or 90s. This is when the Internet was taking shape and we were first getting powerful personal computers in the home. Back then, when you purchased a printer, you often got a print package that would create custom certificates. These packages often included templates for doctor notes, dentist notes and so forth.

As the Web and communication grew, people began looking for solutions that were more sophisticated. Eventually, websites began to replace those default software packages. It was possible to go online, choose a note, download it, print it out, and customize it. It also helped that our web browsers were becoming more sophisticated. As web technologies became more advanced, so did these websites.

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We now live in the perfect time when it comes to personal creation. The computers in our living rooms are more powerful than the supercomputers just twenty years ago were. Our printers are more powerful and polished than the professional models being used thirty years ago. We even have software that will emulate handwriting for signatures and messages on the note. Some sites even offer drag-and-drop editors that give you a WYSIWYG environment in which to personalize your fake doctor’s excuse.

The truth is that there is undoubtedly more to come. The evolution of this product will be no different than other consumer products. As times change so will doctors excuse notes. That's one advantage of going with a paid site instead of a free one. The experts at paid sites make sure that their notes are up to date and authentic looking. Using an outdated note may have dire consequences that should be avoided if at all possible.


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